Something about my reviews

“Without literature, life is hell.”
― Charles Bukowski

The short essays I write about each book don’t correspond exactly to the classical idea of a book review – I tend to analyze themes or aspects of a book that I find most interesting. So after I decide I liked a book and there’s more to say about it, I take my time (now your time, too), sit, think and write. I hope you’ll find some new ideas here!

Something about me

Who am I?

Who am I? Such a philosophical question… I will not pretend I know the exact answer to that (except that I do, it’s Homo sapiens), but there are a few things that define me. First of all, my name is Mara, not that it gives any information about this being that had been named Mara a while ago. I like (surprise!) books, but more than that I enjoy writing (and not only about reading). I have a thing for cats and tea and clouds and stars and trees and music and art, in a few words this is me.

Back to books, though. I chose to make a blog about people’s thoughts, presented in the shape of books. These objects are really important and reading is not just about spending time in a pleasurable way. It’s so much more – you get to see through the eyes of an artist, after all, to reach new places you’ve never even thought existed, to search for a different meaning of your own life and to comprehend the world that surrounds us in a more profound way, in every way you read about, actually.

So who am I, aside from a reader? I am someone who will always look after something hidden, hard to reach. And books are a useful tool for that.