Modernist & Modern classics

Lo, Lola, Lolita

Ah, Lolita, the young and sweet nymphet that stole Humbert Humbert’s heart. Doesn’t sound too promising if you put it this way, but trust me, there’s much more to it. After I finish a novel, I tend to meditate on one aspect of the story that I find most intriguing, so here I will focus… Continue reading Lo, Lola, Lolita

Modernist & Modern classics

The Great Gatsby – a hidden hero?

Gatsby. A name with a strange, sophisticated yet clean sonority; pronounced as if each letter that comes out of one’s mouth is slowed down by the refined golden coat, rubbed against the lips. Gatsby. The yellow life embedded in a green light that alters the pure gold. Gatsby. Money, dreams, The Roaring 20s, massive, absurd… Continue reading The Great Gatsby – a hidden hero?


Contained but authentic love – Emma & Pride and Prejudice

There are many romance novels that make our blood rush faster through our veins and tighten the grip on the opened book. But I’ve always felt this distinct atmosphere oozing out of classics written more than 200 years ago, such as Jane Austen’s works. From the many themes explored in these two novels, Emma and… Continue reading Contained but authentic love – Emma & Pride and Prejudice