Psychology, Science

When the body says no

There are many things – small details or obvious mistakes – that we completely ignore and might have something to say about our illnesses, or even play a decisive role in the onset of certain diseases. In his book, “When the body says no”, Gabor Maté explains the critical role that one certain element plays… Continue reading When the body says no


The lonely universe of Solaris

I must admit I am not the biggest sci-fi fan, but Stanislaw Lem’s "Solaris" was one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read. The idea of this novel might be pretty simple and natural – humans cannot understand extraterrestrial life and are unable to make a connection with other forms of intelligence. This is… Continue reading The lonely universe of Solaris

Modernist & Modern classics

The many, many José Arcadios and Aurelianos

People discovering ice, suffering from insomnia for months, living ghosts (because death is too lonely), rains that don’t stop “for four years, eleven months, and two days”, priests who levitate with the power of chocolate and Ursula who managed to stay alive but not at all times conscious for 150 years (I’m not sure about… Continue reading The many, many José Arcadios and Aurelianos